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What's New in May 2023

 As always, we have a bunch of new stuff in the store.

We now carry Hot Wings! Each die-cast aircraft also comes with a foam piece of runway. The runways connect together like a puzzle, so each time you buy one you get a bigger and bigger runway. We also sell runway expansion sets, and a big control tower.

Hot Wings Die-Cast Aircraft
Choose between Blue Angel, Helicopter, Airforce One, or Biplane

Tons of board games are still on sale. We have about 20 titles at 25% off and 10 titles at 15% off. Most of them have only one copy left. A lot of the titles are strategy based, but there are a few family and kids games mixed in too. Some of them are 50% off of what you'll find on Amazon.

Board Games on Sale
Titles as of May 1st include Upon a Fable, Lost Explorers, Planes, Castles of Burgundy, My Village, Skull King, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Kingdom, K3, Mad Scientist Foundation, Subtext, Rollers Deluxe, Castellan, YumYum Island, Carcassone, Quoridor Kid, Cube Duel, Slapzi, Katamino, Nuts About Mutts, Colt Super Express, Bears & The Bees, Flipover Frog, Kitten Klash, Stick Up, and last but certainly not least Wasteland Express. More will be added as they sell. If the price is still higher than Amazon/Target/Walmat (new and in-stock) we will price match.

Lava Lamps are back in stock! We've got a few different sizes, including the new tea light powered models.


We've got a bunch of new arts & crafts. Some of the new arrivals include Diamond Dots, a variety of Macrame Kits, extremely cute DIY Miniature Houses, and Wooden Model Kits.

Diamond DotsDIY Build & Paint BirdhouseDIY Build and Paint BirdhouseDessert Shop

Magical CafeMorning Fruit Store
Click an image for a closeup.

We've got some cool space-themed playsets. You can choose between a Rocket Ship, a Rover, or a Space Capsule.

Rocket, Rover, and Capsule
They all open up so the astronaut can ride inside.

Volleyball is back in the arcade cabinet. It's one of my favorite 2-Player games.

Volleyball Marquee
Next Level Graphics!

We also have a bunch of new keychains, stickers, squishy things, and old-school novelties I didn't take pictures of.  We'll be getting a small Pokemon Card shipment soon too. We just placed a book order with Usborne and Kane Miller, so those should be arriving soon. Once we sell through some more old stock I'd like to once again expand the book section. You really can't have too many.

That's all for now!