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Funky Planet Toys & Gifts, St. Louis Area Toy Store in Downtown Alton
Funky Planet Toys & Gifts is an Independent St. Louis Area Toy Store. We carry fun stuff for the young & young at heart. Visit Us in Downtown Alton, Illinois!

What's New in August 2023

First off, we now have a 3rd Toy Tower! We also restocked our squishy, fidget, and novelty toys.


We added two new makers to our "Made in Alton" collection!

Steph Plant is an Alton-based artist/author/musician and Montessori teacher. She wrote the children's book 'Slithering Snake' and also put out an album of children's music called 'Moth Wings & Other Things'. You can now buy them both at our store!

We've read Slithering Snake to Clover a billion times

Evan Merli hails from Bethalto and has put out his first game entitled 'What's Your Excuse'. This party game is a ton of fun and takes less than a minute to teach. The reader draws a card with an accusatory statement, and then each other player has one minute to word-vomit an excuse. The reader then votes on which excuse is the best. Sage and I recently played the game with a group of four and it was a blast. We've got family visiting us this month, and I'm excited to play it again.

We've got a ton of new magnetic-based toys, including Mix & Match Animals, Mix & Match Cars, Magnetic Build-a-CarElectro-Magnetic Experiment Kit, and a cool Magnetic Ring Game.

We restocked our Maisto Diecast! We've got all kinds of new 1:64 vehicles, some pullback monster trucks, and some nice looking motorcycles.

1:64 diecast cards, pullback monster trucks, VW vans, cool cars, semis, and motorcycles

New Blue Q bags are in! We really like the new designs. We also brought in some of Blue Q's catnip pouches.

Doggy bags, change purses, zipper pouches, shoulder totes, and catnip.

We've got a lot of orders on the horizon. This month we're expecting new stickers, keychains, tabletop games, blind boxes, and old-school wooden novelties. In September the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 sets drop (very excited). I'm also hoping to order massive amounts of plushies, books, and science kits.


Closed Until Aug 9th

 We're closed for the first week of August. We'll reopen Wednesday August 9th at 10am.

Funky Planet 2 Year Anniversary!

Be sure to join us Saturday, July 22nd for a lot of fun!
  • Artisan cotton candy pop-up shop from 10-4 (or until sold out)
  • Free concert and book reading with Steph Plant at 12pm
  • Free kid's yoga with Stephanie Greenhalgh at 2pm

We can't wait to celebrate 2 years of Funky Planet!

What's New in June 2023?

We've got a lot of new stuff, and a lot more on the way...

We just received a Quercetti shipment! This Italian brand might be the kings of marble-based toys. We've got a new Marble Run, a new Marble Race Set, and a new Marble Roller Coaster. We also got some unique artsy toys, and some super cool interactive baby toys...

Big Marble RaceSkyrail Marble Rollercoaster
The Marble Race Set and the huge Marble Rollercoaster

Play FormFilo String Art
Play Form is a house of cards style construction set and Filo is a string art tablet

FantacolorMagnetic Fashion Dolls
Fantacolor is a portable peg art set and Magnetic Fashion Dolls are exactly what you think they are

Fanta Color BabyStackable baby toy
Fantacolor also comes in a chunky 1+ year variety, and Chunky Peggy is like a big chunky pegboard with rattling pegs

And here are some other new things...

Across the Savannah Book
New Usborne/Kane Miller books shipment, and Constructive Eating utensils

Miniature backpack keychains and stone carvings of cats and frogs; turtles were out of stock :(

I just placed orders for some amazing looking tabletop action games, a bunch of new preschool toys, a ton of diecast vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, jeeps, motorcycles), new creative buildings toys, and some new collectable figurines. I might have to make another post in a week.

We had our first Pokemon Trade & Play night last Friday. I learned a lot! It's a bit overstimulating to have battling and trading going on in the same corner of the store, so next time I'm going to have trading on one side of the store and battling on the other. Also, now that I know how to play the trading card game (shoutout to Theo) I can help teach it at the next event.

Next event date/time to be determined. 4th of July threw us a curveball.

The Alton Night Market on Broadway started last week... and we have a booth! We've done 2 nights so far and they're a lot of fun. There are a ton of cute shops, live music, cool dogs to pet, and an all-around chill atmosphere. The Night Market takes place in the alleyway next to the Jacoby Arts Center every Thursday from June through July. Come check it out!

[Picture coming soon]

We're also going to have a booth at the Godfrey Family Fun Fest at Glazebrook Park! That's on the 4th of July. I'm excited to see some fireworks.

Last, WE'LL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY JUNE 28TH for Clover's first Birthday. I've got family from Minnesota and New Jersey visiting us, and I want to make sure I can spend time with them.


What's New in May 2023

 As always, we have a bunch of new stuff in the store.

We now carry Hot Wings! Each die-cast aircraft also comes with a foam piece of runway. The runways connect together like a puzzle, so each time you buy one you get a bigger and bigger runway. We also sell runway expansion sets, and a big control tower.

Hot Wings Die-Cast Aircraft
Choose between Blue Angel, Helicopter, Airforce One, or Biplane

Tons of board games are still on sale. We have about 20 titles at 25% off and 10 titles at 15% off. Most of them have only one copy left. A lot of the titles are strategy based, but there are a few family and kids games mixed in too. Some of them are 50% off of what you'll find on Amazon.

Board Games on Sale
Titles as of May 1st include Upon a Fable, Lost Explorers, Planes, Castles of Burgundy, My Village, Skull King, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Kingdom, K3, Mad Scientist Foundation, Subtext, Rollers Deluxe, Castellan, YumYum Island, Carcassone, Quoridor Kid, Cube Duel, Slapzi, Katamino, Nuts About Mutts, Colt Super Express, Bears & The Bees, Flipover Frog, Kitten Klash, Stick Up, and last but certainly not least Wasteland Express. More will be added as they sell. If the price is still higher than Amazon/Target/Walmat (new and in-stock) we will price match.

Lava Lamps are back in stock! We've got a few different sizes, including the new tea light powered models.


We've got a bunch of new arts & crafts. Some of the new arrivals include Diamond Dots, a variety of Macrame Kits, extremely cute DIY Miniature Houses, and Wooden Model Kits.

Diamond DotsDIY Build & Paint BirdhouseDIY Build and Paint BirdhouseDessert Shop

Magical CafeMorning Fruit Store
Click an image for a closeup.

We've got some cool space-themed playsets. You can choose between a Rocket Ship, a Rover, or a Space Capsule.

Rocket, Rover, and Capsule
They all open up so the astronaut can ride inside.

Volleyball is back in the arcade cabinet. It's one of my favorite 2-Player games.

Volleyball Marquee
Next Level Graphics!

We also have a bunch of new keychains, stickers, squishy things, and old-school novelties I didn't take pictures of.  We'll be getting a small Pokemon Card shipment soon too. We just placed a book order with Usborne and Kane Miller, so those should be arriving soon. Once we sell through some more old stock I'd like to once again expand the book section. You really can't have too many.

That's all for now!


What's New in April 2023?

I skipped March so a lot is new.

Yesterday's post was an April Fool's joke. We still have the Playcade, and some new toys are being featured. We just got a PicassoTiles shipment so our mini tiles are on display...

Magnetic buildings tiles of all varieties

We've got a Floating Bath Block Engineering Set...

STEM Engineering and Adventure House

We've still got the Rubber Band Guns on display...

Rubber Band Guns
Choose between a pistol and a mini Winchester rifle

And we've got a Dinosaur Gear Playset...

Collapses into a compact suitcase

We have some new Glow in the Dark Track Sets. Each set comes with a battery operated vehicle that zooms around the flexible track. You can now choose between Dinosaur, Construction, or Racing sets. When people come in looking for a gift for a 3-5 year old we almost always suggest these. They never disappoint.


We have a Rocket Ship Tent on display...

A giant leap for babykind

We have a bunch of new wooden puzzles and playsets for preschoolers...

Wooden Puzzles, Build-a-Bots, and Tin Tops

And we have a ton of new jigsaw puzzles for older kids and adults...

Piece counts range from 3 to 2000

New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet boosters are in. We also have a bunch of deluxe sets.

We also still have some Silver Tempest and Lost Origin left

We also have a lot of new Board Games and Books too. Tons of the old Board Games and Books are 25% off.

I really can't cover it all. There's a ton of other stuff like new plushies, NeeDoh, cap guns, playsets, diecast planes, baby and pre-school toys, and a bunch of other random stuff I'm forgetting. Come on in and check it out!


Big Announcement for April 1st!

The Playcade has been a great success. Both customers and toy companies love that people can get hands-on experience with the toys we carry. But, we had throw them all in the dumpster to make room for our Adult Gaming section!

Play Slots; Win Big!

The slots are hot today, so come on in and push your luck!


We're open again!

We're back from vacation and open for business! It was so great to see family and explore a bunch of new states, but we're excited to be back at the store. We've got a TON of orders to make, but in the meantime, here's what's new...

Wooden weapons are back! We've got swords, shields, battle axes, and a couple of tridents. We're also showcasing our rubber band guns in the Playcade. Customers can test their shooting accuracy on our spinner target.

David with Shield & TridentRubber Band Gun Shooting Gallery
A very ferocious picture of me and a pic of the rubber band gun station

Our yarn section has been replenished! We also started carrying a few books on knitting. Sage just finished up beginner's knitting classes, and we'll find out soon if/when she's doing an intermediate class.

Yarn Section
We have both acrylic and a wool/acrylic hybrid

We now carry a few anime figures. Right now we have Dragon Ball Super and Naruto action figures, and My Hero Academia figurine blind bags. We'll also be re-upping on Pokemon cards in March once the new sets drop.

We got some more Fanny Packs and we got some new Cat Purses.

Cat purses

We now carry some very very very cute collectable figurine blind boxes. I love these things. It's been hard not buying them all for myself, but lucky for me my Mom bought a Sueno, Haki & Bobi, Heathrow, and Bebe Bird; so I got to enjoy them vicariously through her.

Collectable Figurines
Sueno, Haki & Bobi, Bebe Bird, and Heathrow Hedgehog

We had Freeway on the arcade machine since November. I was going for the world record and I'm super stoked to say that I got it! I still gotta film it to make it official. Since I finally crossed off that personal goal we finally switched over the game to Fishing Derby. Players compete to catch as many fish as possible, but watch out for the hungry shark!

Fishing Derby Arcade Game
You can play against the computer or a friend

I rearranged the store once again. STEM, 3D puzzles, collectables figures, and visual psychedelic stuff are on the upper level. Baby and Preschool toys are on the lower level. We're going to add a couple of shelves and expand the Preschool and building toy sections soon.

I finished redoing our website. What an ordeal! There's now a whole mess of information on what we sell, store events, and a bunch of other stuff; so please check it out if you haven't.

Now that our vacation is behind us, we've been ordering a TON of new stuff. I just got an email saying our Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty order just shipped. Stay tuned!