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Funky Planet Toys & Gifts, St. Louis Area Toy Store in Downtown Alton
Funky Planet Toys & Gifts is an Independent St. Louis Area Toy Store. We carry fun stuff for the young & young at heart. Visit Us in Downtown Alton, Illinois!

What's New In June 2024

At the beginning of the month we went to ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retailers Association trade show. This was our first time going and it was CRAZY! There were over 300 booths! I got to talk to the owners of some of my favorite companies, and we met about 50 new companies that we're very excited to order from.


Since ASTRA we've placed a few orders. Unfortunately, so has every other independent toy store, so it's taking some time for them to process and ship the new stuff. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the past month...

Arcade Mini Golf is back! It's an awesome tabletop 9-hole putt-putt game. A flip of the switch makes some of the obstacles move. It's deceptively challenging, and very fun.

Arcade mini golf

Running Press Minis have been restocked. We brought in a bunch of cool new titles.

RP Minis

We brought in some new baby/toddler books...

Indestructibles are rip-proof / chew-proof / drool-proof books. We can personally vouch for their durability.


Mini House Board Books are exactly what they claim to be. Look through the windows and watch as each page stacks together into a cute house. I already sold out of Dinosaurs and Mother Goose.

Mini House Books

We also have new blind boxes, new keychains, new baby toys, new squishy fidget ball things, and Socker Boppers (formerly known as Sock'em Boppers before Mattel sued).

Alton Main Street's Night Market on Broadway started on the 6th, and once again we have a booth. Catch us at the pocket park next to the Jacoby Building Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm.

Night Market

A huge amount of stuff is 40-60% off, and I mean it. This isn't one of those sales where the store-owner marks everything up and then "slashes prices" (I'm looking at you Office Depot). These are crazy deals. Out with the old, in with the new.


Stay tuned next month for another post. We're getting some very very cool displays with our next shipments.


What's New in March 2024

We rearranged the store! As a result we now have space for four more displays. Here's the HotWings diecast aircraft display and the Iwako figurine display.

HotWings DisplayIwako Figurines Display

The board game section gained 20 new titles this month. Sage and I have been playtesting through them, and we're very impressed with some of the new titles.

Board Games 1Board Games 2

We re-upped our puzzle section. Piece counts range from 25 to 2000. We also have some easier wooden puzzles for little kids.


We expanded our kite section. We've got regular diamonds, sport kites, delta kites, a box kite, and a very cool dragonfly kite. Butterfly kites are back in stock too!


We just got a huge shipment of PicassoTiles. We've got regular and mini sets, a whole bunch of characters, magnetic race track, hedge blocks, and a magnetic marble run. We also got some super cool "Canvas Tiles" where you can draw on them with dry erase markers.

PicassoTilesPicasso Tiles Figures

We also have a bunch of new plushies, diy miniature houses, Pokemon cards, and retro toys.

Hope to see you soon.


What's New in December 2023 Part 2

A lot is new since the beginning of the month. Here's 4 things...

Pokemon Paradox Rift shipments arrived last week. We also have some older sets.

We now carry Modarri. These finger-powered, customizable cars have a fantastic build quality and are super fun to play with.

We re-stocked Milk Carton Purses, and we now have Orange Juice too!

We have a few new Blind Box Figurines. New arrivals include Sueno Dream, One Bite at Aowoo, and Trash Kitties. As always, they're extremely cute.

We're still blowing out a ton of toys and games at 33-50% off.

We'll be closing at 4pm on Christmas Eve. 

What's New In December 2023

This month we're open every day until Christmas Day. Here are our holiday hours...

  • Monday/Tuesday: 11am-2pm
  • Wednesday-Friday: 10am-6pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 11am-5pm

We expanded our book section! Check out our handsome shelf...

Book Shelf

We also expanded our plush selection! Instead of having Douglas spill out all over our store we now have it contained in two towers.

Douglas Racks

We've got a bunch of new Board Games, and many of the old ones are severely discount. We have two shelves at 33% Off and another two shelves at 50% Off.

Board Games

We expanded our Cap Guns section! We've had plastic novelty cap guns for a while, but we just brought in some diecast ones. The beautiful rifle on the bottom left is diecast & wood.

Cap Guns

The past two holiday seasons we ran out of Lava Lamps before Christmas. This year we stocked up. They came out with a ton of beautiful varieties this year.

Screwball Scramble 1 & 2 are out on display. The goal is to guide your marble through the obstacle course using the buttons and levers at the bottom. It can be a bit frustrating at times, but it's also very very fun and addicting. Once you master the course, the goal is to do it as fast as possible. I didn't take a picture, but we also have the brand new Screwball Scramble Level Up in stock.

Screwball Scramble

We brought in four new STEM companies this year and our shelves are STOCKED. We've got several DIY car kits, Galileo and Fitzroy barometers, a couple of new electronics kits, and a bunch of other stuff. Ages range from 3 to 14+.

Science Technology Engineering Math

Also on the engineering side we brought in 3 sizes of Star Coaster Marble Rollercoasters. We carried Version 2 last year and Version 3 the previous. Now we have 2, 3, and 5; which looks super deluxe. These are for older kids, but we also have a rollercoaster building kit that's appropriate for ages 7+ (you can see it on the right side of the new bookshelf picture).

Star Coasters

Jean Curvey brought in a bunch of new ceramic figurines and Christmas tree ornaments. There are some super cute designs in this wave.

Ceramic Cuties

In the Yellow Playcade this month we have an Engineering Floating Bathblocks set. I built a small boat on Small Business Saturday and kids have been adding onto since then.

Floating Bath Blocks

In the Red Playcade we have Magnetic Blocks and a Fantacolor Peg Drawing Board.

Fantacolor and Magnetic Blocks

This week we're getting more blind box figurines and Paradox Rift Pokemon Cards (and some oldies too). I'll make another post in a couple of weeks.

Apparently an indoor amusement park named "Funky Planet" opened in a mall somewhere in Kazakhstan. A recent visitor graciously uploaded photos of the park to our Google Maps page yesterday. Hopefully Google removes the pictures soon, because I already got a call from someone. Maybe someday we'll be a Toy Store/Amusement Park/Toddler Playroom/Bookstore/Arcade/Pinball Gallery/Mahjong Parlor/Fun Land, but not yet 😀


Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I had time to make a more detailed post, but here's the basics.

We're having massive sales on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and the following Sunday.

Here's what's on sale...

  • All Board Games: Sales range from 10% to 50%
  • All Jigsaw Puzzles: Sales range from 10% to 50%
  • All Books: Sales range from 10% to 50%
  • About 50 different toys are 33% to 66% off. More will be discounted as they sell.
On Wednesday we've got about 5 different shipments coming in too. We're expecting more books, more building kits, a whole mess of kites, new blind boxes, and a ton of new enamel pins. Yesterday we got a big shipment of stocking stuffers (just in time!)

Hope to see you soon!


What's New In October 2023

Too much is new. So much so that I've been procrastinating on making a new post. I hope to add pictures soon, but for now, here's a list of everything...

  • As of today, new Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty in Large and Mini tins.
  • Pokemon 151 trading card game sets arrived last week.
  • New keychains and stickers, mostly from one of our Japanese and Korean distributors.
  • New blind boxes including Japanese ones featuring cute animals and some Kirby & Mario ones.
  • Screwball Scramble is on display. We have versions 1, 2, and the brand new vertical version.
  • Farm sets plus a John Deere ride-on tractor and a John Deere balance bike.
  • New soft dolls. They're very cute.
  • Mad Mattr Bags, Pods, and Mini Packs. We'll be getting some deluxe sets before the holidays.
  • A TON of new arts & crafts kits, including Diamond Dotz.
  • The new Mushroom Airforts are in.
  • Two Bros. Bow's new Juggling Sticks.
  • New Wooden Puzzles by Creative Crafthouse. The Idiot Stick is also back in stock.
  • A few STEM & Robotics Kits.
  • A bunch of retro toys.
  • Many many many many more things I don't know how to classify.

We placed a huge order for Douglas Plushies. We also plan on ordering books, additional plushies, squishies, fidgets, sea monkeys, lava lamps, and a whole mess of stocking stuffers this month.

2 Douglas Displays
We now have TWO Douglas display shelves!

We had our last outdoor event of the year at Heritage Farms last Sunday. Super fun!

Alton Mainstreet's 'First Fridays' are on. The next one will be on November 3rd. Always fun!

We have a semi-devoted clearance section. Toys are anywhere between 40-75% off.

The Toys for Tots bin is already in.

Uhh, that's off the top of my head. All right, I gotta get back to work!


What's New in August 2023

First off, we now have a 3rd Toy Tower! We also restocked our squishy, fidget, and novelty toys.


We added two new makers to our "Made in Alton" collection!

Steph Plant is an Alton-based artist/author/musician and Montessori teacher. She wrote the children's book 'Slithering Snake' and also put out an album of children's music called 'Moth Wings & Other Things'. You can now buy them both at our store!

We've read Slithering Snake to Clover a billion times

Evan Merli hails from Bethalto and has put out his first game entitled 'What's Your Excuse'. This party game is a ton of fun and takes less than a minute to teach. The reader draws a card with an accusatory statement, and then each other player has one minute to word-vomit an excuse. The reader then votes on which excuse is the best. Sage and I recently played the game with a group of four and it was a blast. We've got family visiting us this month, and I'm excited to play it again.

We've got a ton of new magnetic-based toys, including Mix & Match Animals, Mix & Match Cars, Magnetic Build-a-CarElectro-Magnetic Experiment Kit, and a cool Magnetic Ring Game.

We restocked our Maisto Diecast! We've got all kinds of new 1:64 vehicles, some pullback monster trucks, and some nice looking motorcycles.

1:64 diecast cards, pullback monster trucks, VW vans, cool cars, semis, and motorcycles

New Blue Q bags are in! We really like the new designs. We also brought in some of Blue Q's catnip pouches.

Doggy bags, change purses, zipper pouches, shoulder totes, and catnip.

We've got a lot of orders on the horizon. This month we're expecting new stickers, keychains, tabletop games, blind boxes, and old-school wooden novelties. In September the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 sets drop (very excited). I'm also hoping to order massive amounts of plushies, books, and science kits.


Closed Until Aug 9th

 We're closed for the first week of August. We'll reopen Wednesday August 9th at 10am.

Funky Planet 2 Year Anniversary!

Be sure to join us Saturday, July 22nd for a lot of fun!
  • Artisan cotton candy pop-up shop from 10-4 (or until sold out)
  • Free concert and book reading with Steph Plant at 12pm
  • Free kid's yoga with Stephanie Greenhalgh at 2pm

We can't wait to celebrate 2 years of Funky Planet!

What's New in June 2023?

We've got a lot of new stuff, and a lot more on the way...

We just received a Quercetti shipment! This Italian brand might be the kings of marble-based toys. We've got a new Marble Run, a new Marble Race Set, and a new Marble Roller Coaster. We also got some unique artsy toys, and some super cool interactive baby toys...

Big Marble RaceSkyrail Marble Rollercoaster
The Marble Race Set and the huge Marble Rollercoaster

Play FormFilo String Art
Play Form is a house of cards style construction set and Filo is a string art tablet

FantacolorMagnetic Fashion Dolls
Fantacolor is a portable peg art set and Magnetic Fashion Dolls are exactly what you think they are

Fanta Color BabyStackable baby toy
Fantacolor also comes in a chunky 1+ year variety, and Chunky Peggy is like a big chunky pegboard with rattling pegs

And here are some other new things...

Across the Savannah Book
New Usborne/Kane Miller books shipment, and Constructive Eating utensils

Miniature backpack keychains and stone carvings of cats and frogs; turtles were out of stock :(

I just placed orders for some amazing looking tabletop action games, a bunch of new preschool toys, a ton of diecast vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, jeeps, motorcycles), new creative buildings toys, and some new collectable figurines. I might have to make another post in a week.

We had our first Pokemon Trade & Play night last Friday. I learned a lot! It's a bit overstimulating to have battling and trading going on in the same corner of the store, so next time I'm going to have trading on one side of the store and battling on the other. Also, now that I know how to play the trading card game (shoutout to Theo) I can help teach it at the next event.

Next event date/time to be determined. 4th of July threw us a curveball.

The Alton Night Market on Broadway started last week... and we have a booth! We've done 2 nights so far and they're a lot of fun. There are a ton of cute shops, live music, cool dogs to pet, and an all-around chill atmosphere. The Night Market takes place in the alleyway next to the Jacoby Arts Center every Thursday from June through July. Come check it out!

[Picture coming soon]

We're also going to have a booth at the Godfrey Family Fun Fest at Glazebrook Park! That's on the 4th of July. I'm excited to see some fireworks.

Last, WE'LL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY JUNE 28TH for Clover's first Birthday. I've got family from Minnesota and New Jersey visiting us, and I want to make sure I can spend time with them.