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What's New in June 2023?

We've got a lot of new stuff, and a lot more on the way...

We just received a Quercetti shipment! This Italian brand might be the kings of marble-based toys. We've got a new Marble Run, a new Marble Race Set, and a new Marble Roller Coaster. We also got some unique artsy toys, and some super cool interactive baby toys...

Big Marble RaceSkyrail Marble Rollercoaster
The Marble Race Set and the huge Marble Rollercoaster

Play FormFilo String Art
Play Form is a house of cards style construction set and Filo is a string art tablet

FantacolorMagnetic Fashion Dolls
Fantacolor is a portable peg art set and Magnetic Fashion Dolls are exactly what you think they are

Fanta Color BabyStackable baby toy
Fantacolor also comes in a chunky 1+ year variety, and Chunky Peggy is like a big chunky pegboard with rattling pegs

And here are some other new things...

Across the Savannah Book
New Usborne/Kane Miller books shipment, and Constructive Eating utensils

Miniature backpack keychains and stone carvings of cats and frogs; turtles were out of stock :(

I just placed orders for some amazing looking tabletop action games, a bunch of new preschool toys, a ton of diecast vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, jeeps, motorcycles), new creative buildings toys, and some new collectable figurines. I might have to make another post in a week.

We had our first Pokemon Trade & Play night last Friday. I learned a lot! It's a bit overstimulating to have battling and trading going on in the same corner of the store, so next time I'm going to have trading on one side of the store and battling on the other. Also, now that I know how to play the trading card game (shoutout to Theo) I can help teach it at the next event.

Next event date/time to be determined. 4th of July threw us a curveball.

The Alton Night Market on Broadway started last week... and we have a booth! We've done 2 nights so far and they're a lot of fun. There are a ton of cute shops, live music, cool dogs to pet, and an all-around chill atmosphere. The Night Market takes place in the alleyway next to the Jacoby Arts Center every Thursday from June through July. Come check it out!

[Picture coming soon]

We're also going to have a booth at the Godfrey Family Fun Fest at Glazebrook Park! That's on the 4th of July. I'm excited to see some fireworks.

Last, WE'LL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY JUNE 28TH for Clover's first Birthday. I've got family from Minnesota and New Jersey visiting us, and I want to make sure I can spend time with them.