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What's New in April 2023?

I skipped March so a lot is new.

Yesterday's post was an April Fool's joke. We still have the Playcade, and some new toys are being featured. We just got a PicassoTiles shipment so our mini tiles are on display...

Magnetic buildings tiles of all varieties

We've got a Floating Bath Block Engineering Set...

STEM Engineering and Adventure House

We've still got the Rubber Band Guns on display...

Rubber Band Guns
Choose between a pistol and a mini Winchester rifle

And we've got a Dinosaur Gear Playset...

Collapses into a compact suitcase

We have some new Glow in the Dark Track Sets. Each set comes with a battery operated vehicle that zooms around the flexible track. You can now choose between Dinosaur, Construction, or Racing sets. When people come in looking for a gift for a 3-5 year old we almost always suggest these. They never disappoint.


We have a Rocket Ship Tent on display...

A giant leap for babykind

We have a bunch of new wooden puzzles and playsets for preschoolers...

Wooden Puzzles, Build-a-Bots, and Tin Tops

And we have a ton of new jigsaw puzzles for older kids and adults...

Piece counts range from 3 to 2000

New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet boosters are in. We also have a bunch of deluxe sets.

We also still have some Silver Tempest and Lost Origin left

We also have a lot of new Board Games and Books too. Tons of the old Board Games and Books are 25% off.

I really can't cover it all. There's a ton of other stuff like new plushies, NeeDoh, cap guns, playsets, diecast planes, baby and pre-school toys, and a bunch of other random stuff I'm forgetting. Come on in and check it out!