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Made In Alton

Right now we stock creations by six Alton-area makers...

Stuffed Stuff by Sage is made by none other than Funky Planet's own Sage Macklay. Her knitted creations range from stuffed animals to foods to whatever she thinks up. All of her patterns are original. Our logo and mascot Catpants was originally a Stuffed Stuff.

Stuffed Stuff by Sage
A bunch of cuties

Jean Curvey has a bunch of her ceramic works on display. These include cute animal figurines, baby shoe ornaments, snowmen, and our personal favorite, ceramic renditions of Catpants. Most of the figurines have Jean's signature rattling-ball-of-clay on the inside; a very fun touch.

Catpants Ceramic Figurines by Jean CurveyOriginal Ceramic Creations by Jean Curvey
Catpants figurines and a whole bunch of cute creations

Larry Ashlock is a local game designer. He started the company Way Funner Games and put out his first title, "Tic-Tac-Match". It's an awesome card game that plays like a combination of Uno and Tic-Tac-Toe. Here's a quote from his website...

"Tic-Tac Match is a wildly unpredictable card game variation of the classic game tic-tac-toe. Just a few minutes to learn provides hours of enjoyment. Challenge your opponent to match three cards in a row of BOTH the same symbol and the same color by stacking on cards already in play. But don’t be fooled by the simple rules. Action Cards interject deep strategies that guarantee a winner every time. Players can flip sides mid-game, wipe out their opponent’s hand or play two cards on a single turn. There is even a team-play version for four players."
Tic-Tac-Match by Larry Ashlock
Great game

Alton has its own coloring book! The 'Iconic Alton Coloring Book' is a collaboration between Sun Smith Foret and Marty McKay. What better way to celebrate Alton's local landmarks than through a fun activity book?

Iconic Alton Coloring Book
Find it on the top shelf of our book rack

Steph Plant is a local artist/musician/author and Montessori Teacher. "Slithering Snake" is based on one of her songs and was illustrated via her own linoleum block prints. "Moth Wings and Other Things" is a collection of children's songs. To be frank, a lot of children's music drives us nuts, but Steph keeps it chill.

Clover approved.

Evan Merli hails from Bethalto and has put out his first game entitled 'What's Your Excuse'. This party game is a ton of fun and takes less than a minute to teach. The reader draws a card with an accusatory statement, and then each other player has 30 seconds to word-vomit out an excuse. The reader then picks the best excuse. It's become one of our favorite party games.

Comes with a whopping 400 cards!