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What's New In October 2023

Too much is new. So much so that I've been procrastinating on making a new post. I hope to add pictures soon, but for now, here's a list of everything...

  • As of today, new Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty in Large and Mini tins.
  • Pokemon 151 trading card game sets arrived last week.
  • New keychains and stickers, mostly from one of our Japanese and Korean distributors.
  • New blind boxes including Japanese ones featuring cute animals and some Kirby & Mario ones.
  • Screwball Scramble is on display. We have versions 1, 2, and the brand new vertical version.
  • Farm sets plus a John Deere ride-on tractor and a John Deere balance bike.
  • New soft dolls. They're very cute.
  • Mad Mattr Bags, Pods, and Mini Packs. We'll be getting some deluxe sets before the holidays.
  • A TON of new arts & crafts kits, including Diamond Dotz.
  • The new Mushroom Airforts are in.
  • Two Bros. Bow's new Juggling Sticks.
  • New Wooden Puzzles by Creative Crafthouse. The Idiot Stick is also back in stock.
  • A few STEM & Robotics Kits.
  • A bunch of retro toys.
  • Many many many many more things I don't know how to classify.

We placed a huge order for Douglas Plushies. We also plan on ordering books, additional plushies, squishies, fidgets, sea monkeys, lava lamps, and a whole mess of stocking stuffers this month.

2 Douglas Displays
We now have TWO Douglas display shelves!

We had our last outdoor event of the year at Heritage Farms last Sunday. Super fun!

Alton Mainstreet's 'First Fridays' are on. The next one will be on November 3rd. Always fun!

We have a semi-devoted clearance section. Toys are anywhere between 40-75% off.

The Toys for Tots bin is already in.

Uhh, that's off the top of my head. All right, I gotta get back to work!