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What's New in August 2023

First off, we now have a 3rd Toy Tower! We also restocked our squishy, fidget, and novelty toys.


We added two new makers to our "Made in Alton" collection!

Steph Plant is an Alton-based artist/author/musician and Montessori teacher. She wrote the children's book 'Slithering Snake' and also put out an album of children's music called 'Moth Wings & Other Things'. You can now buy them both at our store!

We've read Slithering Snake to Clover a billion times

Evan Merli hails from Bethalto and has put out his first game entitled 'What's Your Excuse'. This party game is a ton of fun and takes less than a minute to teach. The reader draws a card with an accusatory statement, and then each other player has one minute to word-vomit an excuse. The reader then votes on which excuse is the best. Sage and I recently played the game with a group of four and it was a blast. We've got family visiting us this month, and I'm excited to play it again.

We've got a ton of new magnetic-based toys, including Mix & Match Animals, Mix & Match Cars, Magnetic Build-a-CarElectro-Magnetic Experiment Kit, and a cool Magnetic Ring Game.

We restocked our Maisto Diecast! We've got all kinds of new 1:64 vehicles, some pullback monster trucks, and some nice looking motorcycles.

1:64 diecast cards, pullback monster trucks, VW vans, cool cars, semis, and motorcycles

New Blue Q bags are in! We really like the new designs. We also brought in some of Blue Q's catnip pouches.

Doggy bags, change purses, zipper pouches, shoulder totes, and catnip.

We've got a lot of orders on the horizon. This month we're expecting new stickers, keychains, tabletop games, blind boxes, and old-school wooden novelties. In September the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 sets drop (very excited). I'm also hoping to order massive amounts of plushies, books, and science kits.