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What's New in November 2022?

Oh man, way too much is new. We've been getting tons of shipments this past month, and we're just gonna keep on getting more. We had to rearrange the store to make room for another book display and another toy tower.

I took a bunch of updated pictures of the store, so for this month, I'm just posting those. Please stay tuned on our Facebook/Instagram for more day-to-day updates, and I hope to see you all during Black Friday and Alton's Small Business Saturday!

Goofy Novelties, Plastica Animals, Toddler Playsets, and Wooden Food

Wooden Puzzles, Wooden Train Sets, and Toddler Building Sets (Our Pranks are in the background)

Vehicle Rollmatz, Baby Toys, and one of the Book Racks.

A huge mess of plastic figurines (with special guest Gumby). Hot Wheels sized cars in the background.

Squishee Animals and Beany Animals including Cats vs. Pickles, Dogs vs. Squirls, and Sock Monkey

One of our book racks and our 1000 piece Puzzle Displays

Wooden Rubberband Guns, and a whole mess of Fidgets & Sensory Toys

Stickers, Kawaii Figurines, Stickers, Smencils, Stickers, and Stickers

The Keychain Rack, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Kinetic Dough, and some Diecast Vehicles

All kinds of vehicles! You can kind of see our Placemats rack in the background left

Outdoor games, Board Games, and Tabletop Games

More Tabletop Games and Outdoor Toys.

Kids puzzles and 2000 piece puzzles. Wooden Puzzles and Speed Cubes are in the background

Some arts & crafts, Tutti Frutti modeling dough, and our yarn selection

A mix of arts & crafts and henna, and charm bracelets. Blue Q bags are in the foreground

A bunch of plush toys

More plush toys. Sticker activity books are in the background right.

The aforementioned Sticker Activity Books. Also pictured are Blo-Pens and Colorforms.

Some random crafty activities and the ever-popular Plush Crush displays

Lava Lamps, Kaleidoscope Glasses, Color Timers, Ooze Tubes, and Terrariums

Old School Stuff! Spud Guns, Stretch Armstrong, Wooly Willy, Yo-Yos, Paddleballs, etc.

I still gotta add pictures of the Toy Towers, the front display case, the Bel Air Kiddie Ride, the Playcade, our new Air Forts, and the lower display. But for now, I'm posting this.