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What's New in October 2022?

I'm a little late posting this month, and that's because we've been stocking up for the holidays. Here's a small bit of what's new...

We re-upped on Mad Mattr, the world's most satisfying kinetic dough! Last time they were out of the big bags, so we got the pods. This time they were out of the pods, so we got the big bags. They released a couple of groovy new "Jewel Tone" colors. Also in compounds news, we got a bunch of the new Crazy Aaron's thinking putties (but I forgot to take a picture).

Miracle Snow, Water Marbles, Drizzl, Mad Mattr, and Slimy Gloop

We got some new toys for toddlers. Pictured here we have the ever-popular Bumpie Ball, a fun magnetic wooden fishing set, some very cool wooden stacking robots, and a deluxe stick-on-the-bathtub-wall waterwheel set.
Bumpie Ball, Fishing Set, Stacking Robots, Water Works

We also got a whole mess of wooden puzzles for younger kids...

We have just about every size you could want now

We have a whole bunch of new random mini stuff for older kids and adults. Highlights include a tiny working record player, a wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man, lucky cats, a whole mess of very cute dog and cat figurines, and some licensed stuff like Pusheen, Gudatama, Aggretsuko, Fortenite, Bob's Burgers, Harry Potter, and Sesame Street.
Dig that spinning rack

We re-upped on our Cobble Hill 1000pc and 2000pc puzzles. We bought enough to add another display to the store.
Our 1000pc Puzzles

Our mid-range sets of Tutti Frutti sold very fast last Holiday season, so we stocked up. Tutti Frutti is my favorite brand of modeling dough because...
  1. It's gluten free (unlike Play-Doh or Crayola Modeling Dough)
  2. It's scented
  3. It's made in Canada
  4. It's super affordable
  5. They have pretty much any set you can think of
We've got Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Ice Cream, Rainbows & Unicorns, Burgers, Hot Rods, Cupcakes, and Popsicles

We've got some new Sticko stickers. They're very tiny, and very cute.
Jungle Animals, Cats, Llamas, Dogs, Unicorns, Pandas, and Dinosaurs

I was trying to hold out on some new releases by Rustik, but, like every company, there have been some delays. We brought back the holiday favorites Flipop and Safety Darts, and also brought in Slingpuck. We also brought back Crokinole, one of my personal favorites.
Four awesome games

I play piano myself, so I'm extremely picky when it comes to toy keyboards. So many keyboards are out-of-tune, or you can play only 1 key at a time, or there's no customizability. The Powerstar Keytar, on the other hand, is awesome. 4 different sounds, polyphony, and in-tune. Best of all it has a vibrato button, so you can play super funky licks.
So cool.

There's a bunch of other new stuff I didn't take pictures of; like new board games, a sumi calligraphy set, a potato gun, super cute pencil sharpeners, a ton of keychains, kids cameras, miniature babies, and rubber ducks. We also still have a bunch of shipments on their way, and a bunch of orders to place, so stay tuned!