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What's New in May 2022?

Spring had a couple of false starts, but it looks like the warm weather is finally here!

We had trouble getting Kites in last year, but they're finally in. We've got the classic diamond, the easy-to-fly delta, and some beautiful butterfly kites.

The Two Bros Bows archery sets continue to be beloved gifts. The sets come with a bow, two arrows, and a target. Many people wanted more than two arrows, so we now sell the arrows individually.

We also have some really nice Junior Gardening Sets, and an awesome Nature Adventure Pack that inspires all sorts of ways to have fun outdoors.

On May 14th we'll be taking part in the Alton, IL Pup Crawl (It's a pub crawl with dogs). We'll have a little booth set up outside where we'll be selling gifts for pups and pup lovers.

In the Playcade this month we have...
  1. Quaggle: The Stragetic Balance Game - An all-wood game that's similar to Jenga and Buildzi, but has players attempting to build a crazy looking structure out of super abstract shapes.
  2. Playlearn Pipe Construction Sets - Build vehicles, marble runs, and bizarre musical instruments out of the colorful pieces.
  3. Quercetti Fanta Color - Fit brightly colored pegs into the board to make cute pictures. It's also super portable.
  4. Brainflakes Engineering Sets - We had this one out in the Playcade when we opened, and since it was so popular, we brought them back out. Snap pieces together to make cool 3D sculptures.

Some other new items we have are Pokemon Cards, Wooden Train Sets, City Playmats, Wooden Engineer Sets, and Lava Lamps. And as always, we're constantly rotating in new Fidgets, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Board Games.

Lastly, Jean Curvey made some very very cute ceramic figures featuring our mascot Catpants! Dig those funky fellas...

All right, I could go on and on, but that's it for now. Keep up with us on Facebook/Instagram or check back here next month.