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What's New in March 2022?

The beginning of February was pretty boring. Just about every Wednesday & Thursday we had a snow storm. Luckily, the rest of the month brought a lot of new and exciting things to our store.

First, we now have way more books. The bulk of them are from Usborne, but we also carry a few titles from some independent publishers. We also carry flipbooks.

Usborne Books in Alton Illinois

Second, we have a new kiddy ride! It's a '57 Chevrolet Bel Air. A ride will cost you a quarter.

Alton, IL Kid Arcade Ride

Third, we upped both our board game and puzzle selection. We gained access to a hobby distributor, so in addition to new board games we'll soon be able to stock Pokemon Cards.

Play tabletop games in Alton, IL

We also got approved to carry two more puzzle brands, including a brand that offers 2000pc jigsaw puzzles.
1000pc Jigsaw Puzzles Alton, IL

Fourth, there are new toys on display...

  • Playcade #1 has Cube Duel, an awesome solitaire or 2-player puzzle game.
  • Playcade #2 has PicassoTiles + Building Bricks, a mix of LEGOs and MagnaTiles.
  • Playcade #3 has Quaggle, which is like Jenga's insane cousin.
  • Playcade #4 has Roy Toy Log Building Sets, which are like Lincoln Logs, but affordable.

Puzzle games, Japanese Imports, Lincoln Logs; Alton, IL

On the tables we have Klask, Crokinole, Penny Hockey, Hammer Fight, and Straw Construction.

Educational Toys & STEM Toys Funky Planet Toys & Gifts Alton, IL

The arcade machine once again has RealSports Volleyball, perhaps the best 2-player game of the 8-bit era.

Last, we just placed an order for a whole bunch of art supplies. We're getting things like paint and paint accessories, modeling clay, drawing sets, macramé, fiber arts, and whole bunch of other stuff. We can't carry everything due to being a small store, but if there's a particular art supply that the community wants access to we can carry it. Just let us know!