Drop Down Menu

Happy New Year!

It's 2023! Big thanks to all of our customers this holiday season! There were a lot of great record-breaking days these past two months. I'm very thrilled to say that we met our (modest) financial goals for the year, so, we'll be able to stick around for a while. 😀

We have a lot of things backordered, and a few new companies on the horizon, but I'll wait to post about them next month. In the meantime, we're having some extensive sales.

The main thing I'm working on this month is getting this website updated. It is woefully outdated! Its basic structure reflects when we first opened, and so much has changed since then. I can read HTML, but I can't really write it, so progress is slower than it could be. I did manage to add a snazzy drop down menu at the top of our website*. Within it you can find detailed info on the store and different events we're doing.

Dropdown Menus
*Only computer users can see the menu bar. But mobile users have their own menus.

Speaking of events, we're planning on taking Funky Planet mobile in the form of showing up at random festivals throughout the East Metro. It's something we'd wanted to do last year, but Sage was pregnant and newborn babies are kind of demanding. Later in the year I want to get an Events Calendar up and running on this website to show where we'll be. In the meantime though, it's a blank page. 😶

Sage is starting Beginner Knitting Classes soon (the 11th and 14th). They'll be on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Call or text the store, or stop in and talk to Sage if you're interested. Also, Crafters Community Nights is still being held at the store on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at 6pm. You don't need an appointment, you can just show up!

Lastly, we will be closed February 6th through February 16th. February was crazy slow last year, and we need a vacation.

That's all I can think to post right now. I'm gonna keep working on this website.