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What's New in December 2022?

Small Business Saturday was our biggest day yet! Big thanks to everyone for shopping with us.

We now carry Swivel Snaps creativity kits. As the name suggests, you swivel and snap the pieces together to make big clunky creations. The pieces are super solid. We'll be featuring them in one of the Playcades for the rest of December (or until they sell out).

The Playcade
Swivel Snaps are in the yellow Playcade

We also now carry Airforts. They're made out of a super light-weight material that easily velcros to a box fan. When you turn on the fan the fort inflates, and then you can climb inside! We don't have the space to have one always inflated, but we have a deflated one on display that can be blown up on demand.

Airfort Boxed & Unboxed
We have two styles: Cabin Playhouse and Cottage Playhouse

On the lower level we have Bounce-A-Marble on display. Unlike most marble runs, this set doesn't pose a choking hazard to kids under 3. It's also super solid, so parents (and toy store owners) don't have to put it back together whenever it gets knocked over.

Bounce-A-Marble Marble Run
A very colorful photo.

Sage and I have owned a copy of Bounce Party for a year now, and now we have them for sale in the store. It's a super fun dexterity game where you race to bounce balls into a grid in the shape denoted by the card. It's on display in the tabletop/board game section this month.

Bounce Party Game
A copy will cost you a whopping $9.95.

is on the arcade this month. This is by far the most popular game we put in the machine.
Freeway Banner
Premise: You're a chicken who has to cross a 10-lane highway

Today is the third and final 'First Fridays' of 2022. We'll be raffling off a couple of toys, and select items will be on sale. We'll also be open until 9pm. As always, participants receive a passport and collect stamps from the businesses they visit. If you get 10 stamps, you receive a $10 gift certificate from the business of your choosing!

First Fridays Advertisement
It's a lot of fun.

Here's two photos I meant to post last month. Our newly expanded Toy Tower and our Kiddie Ride.

Kiddie Ride and New Toy Towers
'57 Chevrolet Bel Air Kiddie Ride and 47 compartments filled with Stocking Stuffers

Lastly, here are our Holiday Hours...

  • Christmas Eve: 10am to 4pm
  • Christmas Day: Closed
  • New Years Eve: 10am to 4pm
  • New Years Day: Closed

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank your for your support!