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What's New in September 2022?

We have a lot of new stuff, and there's no way I can cover it all. Here are four things...

When we started this business, we didn't know how hard it would be to find an affordable doll company. And trust us, we gave it the college try. We looked through well over 300 catalogs this past year. All we ever found were very boutique-y (expensive) dolls, or dolls similar to American Girl (or Target's knock-off 'My Generation' line). Either way, not what we're about.

Well, we finally found a supplier! We now carry Steffi Love and Evi Love. To start off we just got the 'Pet Friends' editions, because everyone loves pets. If you own any Barbie or Kelly vehicles/houses/accessories, Steffi and Evi are compatible.

Barbie Dolls Alton, IL
Evi Love comes with a pet cat, dog, or rabbit.

When we opened, we had to order A LOT of Douglas plushies to get our swank display shelf. As a result, we'd been coasting on our opening order for the past 13 months. We finally re-upped! In addition to a lot of cute new animals, we finally got some more Sassy Saks.

Douglas Cuddly Plush
Pictured: Douglas Plushies with aforementioned swank display shelf

I've been wanting to order these Mini Winchester Rubber Band Rifles for a long time, but the company had been out of stock due to those pesky material shortages. We finally have them, and they are AWESOME! They're super accurate, great quality, and made in the USA.

Cap guns, rubber band guns, slingshots, and spinner target

Cats vs. Pickles continues to be beloved, and now the company has added Dogs vs. Squirls to the line. Also, both Cats vs. Pickles and Dogs vs. Squirls now come in a 'Chonk' size (they're a little bigger). If you don't know what these are, they're bags that have a mystery beanie plushie in them. It can be a cat/pickle or a dog/squirrel. They're very very cute.

Cats are scared of Pickles, but Pickles just want love <3

In the Playcade this month we have...

  • My Soft World Farm playset - Ages 1+, 28 foam pieces, the barn acts as a carrying case
  • Daruma Otoshi - Classic Japanese skill toy. Smack the bottom piece, but don't tip Daruma over
  • Zoob BuilderZ - Awesome building set using ball joints and swiveling plastic pieces
  • PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles - Build structures with magnets. Some sets are LEGO compatible.
Play Arcade at Funky Planet Toys Alton, IL

In the games area we have...
  • Klask 2-Player & 4-Player - Score goals while dodging the evil marshmallows
  • Super Mario Fire Stadium - Hit the spinner targets to defeat Bowser in this 1-on-1 pinball game
  • Super Stadium Baseball - Two-player mechanical baseball game. One of my favorites.
  • Robot Hammer Battle - Another one of my favorites. Knock your opponent's block off.
Games at Funky Planet

On the large display we have...
  • Straw Construction - Build massive complicated structures out of simple components
  • The Marble Run - Whenever I remove this from the display, kids get upset. So, it's still up
building toys at funky planet

I ain't gonna take pictures of everything, but we now have Dragon Hand Puppets, Stretch Armstrong, Mini RC Monster Trucks, new Wooden Puzzles, Pokemon Fusion Strike & Chilling Reign cards, a bunch of new Enamel Pins, and bunch of new novelty & fidget toys. You can see those on our social media.

Lastly, Advantage News readers declared us the area's favorite Family Fun Center! We're pretty thrilled. Big thanks to everyone who voted for us. It's very fun having a toy store in Alton.

Funky Planet Best Family Fun Center in the Riverbend, IL
Aw shucks.

Hope to see y'all soon!