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Our Story

Sage Macklay and David Nadolsky grew up in Minnesota, became best friends in high school, and got married after college. We've lived in many different places, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and briefly Poland and Romania. We've always been kids at heart and carried a large collection of toys, games, and knick knacks around with us through all these moves. In 2020, we were feeling tired of moving around so much, and decided the time was right to follow our longtime dream of owning a toy store. We took many cross country road trips, looking for a place we wanted to settle down while visiting every toy store we could along the way. We were drawn to Alton, Illinois by the vibrant downtown, the natural beauty of the river valley, and the kindness and authenticity of the people we met there. We also love being in the St. Louis area. We bought our house in Alton and moved here in November 2020.

Us on the Chain of Rocks Bridge

In June 2022 our baby daughter Clover was born! She's around the shop a lot too.

Family photo

That's the short version of our story. If you want to hear more you can check out our interview from the video series Choosing Alton. It's a wonderful video series that showcases the stories and experiences of various people who have chosen to make Alton their home.