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Midwest Riichi Mahjong

Midwest Riichi Mahjong is a collection of Mahjong groups based in Missouri, Southern Illinois, and North Arkansas. At this time, the St. Louis games are played here at Funky Planet about once per month. Matches are organized via the Midwest Riichi Mahjong Discord group.

Why Riichi? Japanese-style Riichi Mahjong prides itself on defensive play instead of the aggressively offensive play of Chinese and American Mahjong. Practitioners think this makes the game more strategic. Riichi is also quickly gaining in popularity in the US thanks to video games, anime, and online platforms.

David also created a 2-Player version of Riichi, a 3-step process for teaching Riichi, and adapted the Chinese game of Quán Duì to Mahjong tiles. His Mahjong website can be found here.