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What's New in March 2024

We rearranged the store! As a result we now have space for four more displays. Here's the HotWings diecast aircraft display and the Iwako figurine display.

HotWings DisplayIwako Figurines Display

The board game section gained 20 new titles this month. Sage and I have been playtesting through them, and we're very impressed with some of the new titles.

Board Games 1Board Games 2

We re-upped our puzzle section. Piece counts range from 25 to 2000. We also have some easier wooden puzzles for little kids.


We expanded our kite section. We've got regular diamonds, sport kites, delta kites, a box kite, and a very cool dragonfly kite. Butterfly kites are back in stock too!


We just got a huge shipment of PicassoTiles. We've got regular and mini sets, a whole bunch of characters, magnetic race track, hedge blocks, and a magnetic marble run. We also got some super cool "Canvas Tiles" where you can draw on them with dry erase markers.

PicassoTilesPicasso Tiles Figures

We also have a bunch of new plushies, diy miniature houses, Pokemon cards, and retro toys.

Hope to see you soon.