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We're open again!

We're back from vacation and open for business! It was so great to see family and explore a bunch of new states, but we're excited to be back at the store. We've got a TON of orders to make, but in the meantime, here's what's new...

Wooden weapons are back! We've got swords, shields, battle axes, and a couple of tridents. We're also showcasing our rubber band guns in the Playcade. Customers can test their shooting accuracy on our spinner target.

David with Shield & TridentRubber Band Gun Shooting Gallery
A very ferocious picture of me and a pic of the rubber band gun station

Our yarn section has been replenished! We also started carrying a few books on knitting. Sage just finished up beginner's knitting classes, and we'll find out soon if/when she's doing an intermediate class.

Yarn Section
We have both acrylic and a wool/acrylic hybrid

We now carry a few anime figures. Right now we have Dragon Ball Super and Naruto action figures, and My Hero Academia figurine blind bags. We'll also be re-upping on Pokemon cards in March once the new sets drop.

We got some more Fanny Packs and we got some new Cat Purses.

Cat purses

We now carry some very very very cute collectable figurine blind boxes. I love these things. It's been hard not buying them all for myself, but lucky for me my Mom bought a Sueno, Haki & Bobi, Heathrow, and Bebe Bird; so I got to enjoy them vicariously through her.

Collectable Figurines
Sueno, Haki & Bobi, Bebe Bird, and Heathrow Hedgehog

We had Freeway on the arcade machine since November. I was going for the world record and I'm super stoked to say that I got it! I still gotta film it to make it official. Since I finally crossed off that personal goal we finally switched over the game to Fishing Derby. Players compete to catch as many fish as possible, but watch out for the hungry shark!

Fishing Derby Arcade Game
You can play against the computer or a friend

I rearranged the store once again. STEM, 3D puzzles, collectables figures, and visual psychedelic stuff are on the upper level. Baby and Preschool toys are on the lower level. We're going to add a couple of shelves and expand the Preschool and building toy sections soon.

I finished redoing our website. What an ordeal! There's now a whole mess of information on what we sell, store events, and a bunch of other stuff; so please check it out if you haven't.

Now that our vacation is behind us, we've been ordering a TON of new stuff. I just got an email saying our Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty order just shipped. Stay tuned!