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What's New in July 2022?

We had our baby on the 28th of June! We named her Clover. Sage will be on maternity leave indefinitely, so you'll all be stuck looking at me when we re-open on July 6th (today). 

Store-wise, here's what's new...

We finally have Minecraft stickers! People ask for them frequently, but I'd had trouble finding them in the past. These blind packs each have 3 high quality holographic stickers. We'll also be upping our anime sticker selection soon, but they probably won't arrive until the end of the month.

Minecraft Collectible StickersHolographic Stickers
Very Shiny.

The heavy-duty premium infinity cubes are back in stock. These sold lightning fast in October, and then I had trouble getting them back in stock, so I stocked up this time.

Premium Infinity Cubes
Pictures don't do them justice, but they're awesome

We now stock a bunch of different plastic animal figurines by Wenno. You can buy individual animals from the new endcap display, or you can buy entire sets at an affordable price. Sets include Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Bugs, and Horses.

Wenno Plastic Animal FigurinesPlastic Dinosaurs
Sold in Boxes, Buckets, Tubes, and Individually

We have a new Super Mario-themed battle pinball game out on display. Players shoot their pucks at their respective spinner targets and try to be the first to defeat Bowser. It's a lot of fun.

Fire Mario StadiumFire Luigi Stadium
Mario defeated Bowser in the photo on the right. Better luck next time, Luigi.

Plasma Balls are back in stock. I could have gotten them sooner, but I really wanted a brand that you could plug into the wall. They also take batteries too. Also, big bonus, they're cheaper than the last brand.

Plasma Ball
Who knew Neon, Xenon, and Helium were so cool looking?

Lastly, we're now closing at 5pm on Saturdays. 5-6pm was pretty boring on Saturdays, and I think we were the only business on the block that was open passed 5. We're still open until 6pm Wednesday-Friday.

Funky Planet Toys & Gifts Business Hours
Dig that window glare

All right, here's some pics of the baby. I promise I'll only do this once.