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What's New in December 2021?

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday came and went. What crazy days! Thank you so much to everybody from the surrounding communities who did their Christmas shopping with us. I think we'll be able to stick around for a while.

Well, we have A TON of new items. I don't want to take pictures of all of them (all of the new fidgets will probably be gone before the end of the month) but here are a couple of pictures.

We now have Placemats! Styles include US Map, Solar System, Flags, Dogs, and Cats
We also got transformable wacky track fidget spinners. Bend 'em, Stack 'em, Spin 'em

Assemblesaurus Dinosaurs are fun and easy building toys
PicassoTiles Magna Tiles are compatible with Legos, and enable builders to create cool 3D structures

It's a Pop-It, it's a purse, it's a Pop-It purse
A Shiba-Inu dressed as a Reindeer

If dinosaurs aren't your thing, we also have take apart trucks
We also have awesomely accurate rubber band guns made in the USA

In other news, we now have Freeway as our arcade game of the month. So far it's been a hit! The goal is to guide your chicken across a dangerous interstate highway. Way back in the day if you got 20+ points on Level 3, you could take a picture of your television screen, send the photo to Activision, and they would send you this "Save the Chicken Foundation" iron-on patch.

We don't have any patches to give out, but if you film yourself getting 34 points or higher on Level 3, you can break the world record.

Lastly, as you could have guessed, we'll be closed on Christmas. We will however be open on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (closing time pending). We've got a few plans for expansion in the New Year, but we want to see how much damage tax season does to us first, so stay tuned! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!